Thursday, March 1, 2012

Runaway Truck

by Judy HarrisCarlton, Oregon
(Lived in Portland, Oregon, at this time)

      While I waited on 87th Avenue for the traffic light to turn green so I could cross Canyon Road, my heart was full of praise to God for His forgiveness and mercy. The Lord had turned my life around. Now, I was serving Him.
       When the light turned green, I drove into the intersection. A sports car drove towards me from the other side of Canyon Road and paused with its signals on, waiting for me to come through the intersection so it could turn left.
      As I drove into the middle of Canyon Road, a sudden movement caught my eyes and I glanced to my left.
      A large delivery truck was barreling towards me down the hill. But the driver’s seat was empty!

      I knew there was absolutely no place for the truck to pass between my car and the sports car. The front ends of our two vehicles were practically touching each other in the middle of the intersection.
      I screamed as loud as I could, ”JESUS!” and braced myself for the unavoidable crash.
      But instantly, it was like the truck drove right through our two cars. It suddenly appeared on the right side of my car as it swerved into the opposite lanes on Canyon Road and crashed against a telephone pole at the edge of the sidewalk.
      Fortunately, there wasn’t another car or pedestrian around at this time, so nobody was hurt.
      I’ll never forget the astonished look on the other driver’s face as he stared at the crashed truck. I wish I would have taken time to get out of my car and talk to him. I would have asked him what he had seen!
      (I found out later the truck driver had been delivering soda pop to a small grocery store on Canyon Road when the brakes of his truck failed.)

      Stunned, I slowly drove the three blocks to my house, parked my car, and turned off the ignition. I closed my eyes and sent up a prayer of thanks to God.
      As I was praising the Lord, I never expected God would show me why my car had not been hit by the runaway truck in that incident.
      But, when I opened my eyes, I saw the reason.
      There, on the hood of my car, sat a very large, powerful angel robed in white!
      From that day on, the Lord has allowed me glimpses of the awesome and powerful angels He has assigned to help His children here on earth.

“Are [the angels] not all ministering spirits
sent forth to minister for those
who will inherit salvation?”
Hebrews 1:14

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